How to start video marketing with social media

Video is a must for all brands who want to compete seriously via content marketing. But, to many, creating video content seems like a daunting task when it really shouldn’t. Here we explore three easy ways your business can start making awesome video content with your social media channels.


Snapchat is a great way to introduce your business to video marketing. Ok, they are very short videos, but videos nonetheless and with a bit of creativity, these short videos can take your brand a long way. Snapchat videos can be used for product demonstrations, behind the scenes footage, interviews and much more.


Periscope, Twitter’s broadcasting app, is a great way to grow your brand through video and there are countless ways you can use the app to grow your brand. For example, Boxing News TV use their Periscope account very effectively by broadcasting press conferences and often have over 20 thousand live viewers!

Facebook & Facebook Live

Facebook & Facebook Live can be used much in the same way as Periscope and Snapchat. You can give your customers tours of your business, show them elements of your manufacturing process, showcase products, promote events and much more.


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