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Content Marketing

Want to dominate your market? Then you’ll need some mind-blowing content. Content your audience wants and needs, content that will elicit both shares and links.

Why do I need to create new content?

Every tom, dick and harry is sharing content on the internet, so you need content that will stand out from the crowd. Creating content which your audience both needs and wants will not only build your brand, it will help create brand ambassadors and have a positive effect on your SEO too.

Content that meets the needs of your target audience can spread across the internet like a wildfire.

How can we help?

At Guerrilla Geek, we not only create fantastic content, we also make sure it gets the coverage, shares and links it deserves.

Our approach to content creation

Our content creation projects always begin with research. In order to create really great content, we must first know your target audience, their wants and their needs in relation to your product or service.

Once our research is complete we will develop and implement a content marketing strategy designed to; drive traffic, create leads, acquire links, and build your brand.

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