Smartest SEO.

At Guerrilla Geek, SEO campaigns fuse our in-depth knowledge of search engine algorithms, with advanced research and data. Mix in some über-creative content for flavour and season with some fresh brand strategy to help place brands at their rightful position in the search results.

Want more? For those who like an extra kick to their dishes, we’re more than happy to add a soupçon of guerrilla marketing when required.

Why choose us for your SEO campaign?


We live and breathe SEO, it really is a true passion of ours and it is embedded in all aspects of our business.

Our passion for SEO fuels our desire to succeed, meaning that we are keen to ensure the “recipes” we provide our clients contain all the right ingredients and in all the right quantities.

At Guerrilla Geek, we enjoy cooking our SEO campaigns with the following ingredients:

  • Powerful brand strategy
  • Expert knowledge of search engine algorithms
  • Web development expertise
  • Advanced research
  • Accurate data
  • Outreach
  • Engaging, creative content
  • Advanced analytics

Our Approach to SEO


We offer a multi-faceted approach to SEO campaigns but we believe one should always begin an SEO project with a comprehensive brand audit.

An audit is essential in order to assess your brand’s current position. It allows us to see where you are excelling and where you are falling behind.

Once we understand your strengths and weaknesses online, we can move on to those of your leading competitors.

With a detailed overview of both your brand and your competitors, we can explore your industry with the ultimate goal of understanding the wants and needs of your target audience.

Research in hand, it’s time to get our hands dirty! Using our raw talent and of course, all the latest tools and applications we will transform your brand’s existing online presence, ensuring you have the perfect platform from which we can launch your brand to the next level.

Once your veritable Cape Canaveral is ready, it’s time to get creative – something we guerrillas do in style! Our team will work tirelessly to handcraft engaging, shareable content – the good stuff that your target audience is yearning for.

Finally, our comprehensive outreach strategies will ensure that your content gets your brand in all the right places — sending your campaign and your ROI soaring into outer space.

Want to work with us?