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Why you need SEO

As Google, and search engines in general, become smarter and able to better define what they consider quality content, we’re seeing more and more business owners questioning the power of SEO, wondering if they can justify it financially and asking where SEO stands as a business priority. [Read more…] about Why you need SEO

How META descriptions can help you improve sales

META descriptions are an oft-neglected element of SEO. But why? Let’s start by looking at what search behemoth Google has to say about META descriptions. The Google Webmaster Central Blog has mentioned on more than one occasion that META descriptions “won’t affect your ranking within search results”. So you will often come across people who say “Google said they [Meta Descriptions] don’t carry any weight in terms of rank so don’t worry about them too much”. This blasé approach is actually a result of ignorance but one could also argue that some of the blame for this widespread neglect rest with Google. [Read more…] about How META descriptions can help you improve sales

What no one tells you about SEO

Most people are aware of SEO, many people have heard that it can work wonders for their business, yet few people outside the world of digital marketing actually understand the basics of SEO or why their business needs it. So, let’s take a look at what nobody ever told you about search engine optimisation. [Read more…] about What no one tells you about SEO