5 best keyword research tools

Explore the best keyword research tools on the market

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Every brand that wants to achieve success online must conduct a serious keyword research project.

One of the first questions asked when approaching such a project will undoubtedly be – which keyword research tool(s) should I use?



SEMrush is a great tool for competitive research. Which means you can find out what your competitors are ranking for and mount a counter-offensive with some well-designed content. However, far from a one trick pony, SEMrush also offers up data on CPC, search volume, trends, and ad copies.

Google Keyword Planner


Google Keyword Planner should always be one of the first places you visit when carrying out your keyword research. After all, Google is by far the biggest search engine and as such holds an enormous amount of search data.

Keyword Planner can be used to assess trends, research competitor keywords, find quality keywords for local seo and much more.



KeywordTool.io pulls data from Google’s autosuggest feature, to create some brilliant variations of your initial search term. If used correctly it’s a content marketers dream, providing keywords on which one can base entire articles, or use as titles and sub-headers.



Ubersuggest is another tool which pulls data from Google’s autosuggest and is really good at helping develop long-tail keywords. Here’s a great way to use Ubersuggest – First use Google Keyword Planner to generate some keywords based on your competitors landing page, then take the results you get from Keyword Planner and run them through Ubersuggest. Finally, export all your results from Ubersuggest and run them back through Keyword Planner to expand and refine your long-tail keywords.



BuzzSumo, isn’t exactly a keyword research tool, but it is great to see what is being shared when it comes to a specific subject. It’s great for helping you find the right approach to content prior to writing, allowing you to see what works, what doesn’t, and plan accordingly.


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