What no one tells you about SEO

What No One Tells You About SEO

Most people are aware of SEO, many people have heard that it can work wonders for their business, yet few people outside the world of digital marketing actually understand the basics of SEO or why their business needs it. So, let’s take a look at what nobody ever told you about search engine optimisation.

Poor quality SEO can cost your business dearly

There are many SEO service providers available on the internet and as in any industry some are reputable, others are not. Unscrupulous providers will offer you “10,000 high-quality links for only $5”. Now you may look at that offer and think “I remember reading an article that said links are really important in SEO”, so you snap up the chance to get this great deal for $5. You don’t know it yet but you just contributed toward the demise of your own SEO project.

These sort of services only prove to be detrimental to the health of your website in terms of SEO. Spending $5 now, can mean spending thousands later when you inevitably have to pay a professional SEO agency to clean up your messy backlink profile.

Just remember if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is. You will not get to the top of Google in 72 hours with their secret SEO formula and a $5 link blast is never going to be beneficial to your site.

SEO is an investment

SEO should not be looked at as a cost but a smart investment and the return on investment with SEO can be phenomenal.

For example, if you are currently converting traffic via a specific keyword and you are ranking on page #2 for that keyword imagine what the potential returns would be if you were on the first page of Google, or at the top of the first page!

SEO will build your brand

If you’re interested in building brand trust and loyalty then SEO is a fantastic starting point.

How exactly can SEO help build my brand you ask? Well, a website with a good ranking and flow of traffic can help develop a familiarity with your brand. If we are then also able to provide this traffic with relevant information they are actively seeking through the likes of Google then we end up with both brand trust and loyalty.

SEO should be seen as a constant

SEO can on occasion provide people with results in a relatively short space of time, and for many people, this is exactly what need. Results, and fast! Others will face more of a battle to reach the treasure but when they do get there it is akin to inheriting Smaug’s lair. Regardless of how long it takes to get there, once you are at the top SEO can provide a massive ROI. What’s more, this impressive return on investment can become constant.

So how do you acquire this constant? Simply put, remain constant with your SEO. Let’s imagine your SEO campaign is carried out properly and you find yourself in a situation where your website stays at or near the top of Google for months, or even years. Somewhere during this time, you may choose to end your SEO campaign and continue to reap the benefits of the work. Your logic is:

“Why do I need to pay for an SEO consultant when I’m at the top of Google?”

Well here’s where your logic is flawed. Retaining the services of your SEO analyst helps ensure and further solidify your position at the top of Google thus increasing your ROI and profits. Also, SEO campaigns will always need tweaking, new avenues will always emerge in your marketplace, competitors will always be vying for your spot at the top, and seeking to take your custom.

So, don’t let your investment go to waste, stick with SEO and reap the rewards long-term.

SEO will encourage offline sales

You may think that you don’t need SEO as you are a local, bricks and mortar store. Well, did you know that the vast majority of modern consumers will use the internet to find a local business from which they wish to make an offline purchase? This is why every bricks and mortar, offline business needs to integrate digital marketing into their overall marketing strategy. Remember when your physical location is closed your website isn’t, it’s your 24-hour salesman.

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