Why you need SEO

Why you need SEO

As Google, and search engines in general, become smarter and able to better define what they consider quality content, we’re seeing more and more business owners questioning the power of SEO, wondering if they can justify it financially and asking where SEO stands as a business priority.

So, is SEO dead?

The statistics speak for themselves in proving SEO is definitely not dead. In fact, SEO is arguably more important than ever before. Let’s take a closer look at why and how.

SEO gets the job done

The main reason why you still need SEO as part of your marketing and brand building strategy is that it’s still ridiculously effective. Multiple SEO case studies can confirm that the basic principles behind a well-developed SEO strategy remain sound. What’s more, this is unlikely to change at any point in the near future.

Effective SEO techniques are developing in a multitude of exciting new ways. For instance, video and image results are becoming increasingly important considerations. However, even multi-media content still relies heavily on solid keyword research and smart usage strategies in order to deliver results, just as text-based search results do.

More people are relying on search engine results

The number of potential customers that rely on web searches and web-based material to help them make purchasing decisions is rising. At this point, roughly 80-90% of them consider the reading of multiple online reviews and resources to be an important part of making a purchase. This number is only going to continue to escalate as technology becomes a bigger and bigger part of our lives. Without SEO, your business won’t be one of the options that potential customers are presented with.

Mobile technology and local search optimization are also making SEO even more important. People aren’t just turning to the internet for help making purchases. They’re doing it even when they’re on the go away from home via their smartphones and tablets.

Social media is becoming more important, too

A huge part of modern SEO is establishing and maintaining an active social media presence. When people aren’t relying on Google searches for information, they’re increasingly turning to their social media circles for it. Google is taking note of this fact to a greater degree all the time.

So, if your SEO strategy doesn’t currently consider social media platforms, it’s a guarantee that your business won’t be considered as relevant as it otherwise could be.

Your competitors are utilising SEO

Perhaps most importantly of all, you need SEO because some of your fiercest competitors are already leveraging the power of SEO as part of their own branding strategies.

So, if you’re serious about staying relevant, you will need to make sure that your website, business blog, and social media accounts stand a fighting chance by putting a comprehensive SEO strategy to work for your brand.


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