How to use Instagram stories for your business

Increase engagement through Instagram stories

Is your Instagram in need of something new? Why not incorporate Instagram stories?

Instagram Stories not only provide businesses with a whole host of new marketing opportunities they are also a fantastic way to both increase engagement and build brand loyalty.

What are Instagram stories?

To put it simply, think Snapchat stories, in Instagram.

Instagram stories allow users to add video and photos to their story, which remains accessible for 24 hours.

How can my business use Instagram stories?

Well, that depends on the nature of your business, but with a little creativity you can quickly come up with some interesting ways to use stories.

Content teasers

Got a new video, interview or article? Why not share teasers via Instagram stories?

It’s easier than it sounds. For example, cut a juicy part of your video and save it to your camera roll along with a little graphic telling users where to go in order to see the full video.

Interviews can be dealt with in much the same way if they are video-based, if not, teasers can be displayed graphically on slides.

Articles can also be summised in a few slides, covering key points and telling viewers where to find the complete article.

Spend a day with Instagram

Document a day in the life of your business via pictures and video.

This is something that practically every business can use, which is very simple, and easy to carry out.

Showcase products

Got a new product? Why not showcase it using Instagram stories?

Stories provide the perfect platform for you to show how your product(s) work and explain their benefits.

Show your workflow

Businesses can benefit from showcasing their skills using Instagram stories.

For example, a flooring outlet could use stories to show a new carpet being fitted for a customer, a plumber could use stories to capture a boiler install and a designer could share parts of their design process.


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