How to use GIFs in WordPress

Have you ever wanted to incorporate GIFs into your WordPress posts? Well, now you can! As we’re sure you’re aware, GIFs are quite popular over on BuzzFeed and have long been part of what makes Tumblr just so damn cool.

Why use GIFs

GIFs are cool, GIFs are trendy and you can bet your bottom dollar that there is an influencer in your industry on social media that is absolutely crushing it using GIFs on one of their accounts.

GIFs allow us to quickly convey emotions about events in a way that can often be hard to do using just words.

GIFs are also often nostalgic, causing your audience to momentarily relive the past and as such are a brilliant way to create a positive brand association.

GIPHY makes it easy to use GIFs in WordPress

By harnessing the power of GIPHY you can now quickly add GIFs into your posts, which means no more scouring the web for a GIF of the obscure 80s film reference your audience are bound to love and perhaps, more importantly, no more time wasted making GIFs.

Get started with GIPHYpress

You can install GIPHYpress directly from the WordPress plugin repository. Once activated you begin spicing up your content with GIFs right away!

GIPHY will be available as a button on the toolbar in the WordPress visual editor. To start adding GIFs into your post simply click the GIPHY button and start searching for GIFs.


Once you find the GIF of your choice simply click embed into the post and you’re all done.


If, however, you need to add some more customization you can always switch to the text editor, amend the GIFs width, height or even add a custom class inside a div element.



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